All my apes gone (2)

The total number stolen easily surpasses $3.5m with that number rapidly increasing by each day.

The British Museum selling NFTs

The British Museum demeans itself by selling its works as NFTs
—and will probably live to regret it…
In giving cultural validity to meaningless reproductions of Turner and Hokusai pieces, The British Museum blurs the lines between real and fake at its peril.

NFT house sold for $175k over the weekend

“Holding the NFT gives you ownership of the actual house”

Oh, really? I’m almost sure most legal experts will disagree…

  1. They open an LLC for each property
  2. The LLC takes ownership of the property
  3. They tokenize the property & mint an NFT that represents ownership of the house
  4. People can browse the NFTs on the marketplace & buy the homes in one-click

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