Uranium / NFTs / Namibia

A Canadian miner is selling NFTs to get funding for a mining project in Namibia, by tokenizing uranium.

“The agreement will allow the company to access ‘significant funding at a premium’ to analysts’ valuations of the company and has the potential to ‘revolutionise the funding of junior miners,’ Parnham says. Production of uranium at the company’s projects remains several years in the future.”
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uranium - toxic - nuclear

The digital assets use ‘”Lux Network, the 1st decentralized blockchain integrated with and operated by a network of regulated bank and money transmitter partners.”
“Lux Network is a proof-of-stake, decentralized blockchain packed with innovation, designed to power the next-generation of DeFi.”

Lux Partners Ltd is of course an Isle of Man corporation, where there are no capital gains and no corporate taxes.