Tether / P2P app / Africa

“Excited to fly to Ghana soon for the AfroBitcoinOrg [First Pan African gathering of Bitcoiners. December 5th-7th, 2022] organized by Farida_N [Farida Bemba Nabourema – AfroCryptoShill in Gladstein’s network] and the team to meet like-minded people to discuss the role of Bitcoin, Tether & Keet.io in unleashing Financial Freedom and Freedom Of Speech.”

Tweet about AfroBitcoinOrg conf and Keet.io

What is keet.io?

“Keet.io is a Peer-to-Peer Chat App, built with the Holepunch platform that allows anyone to create apps that don’t use any servers.” – “With Bitcoin Lightning and USDT micropayments built-in, it’s easy to implement and use powerful paid features in apps.”

What is Holepunch?

Why did a crypto exchange and “stablecoin” generator develop a communication app?

“Some of the leading players in the cryptocurrency space have jointly developed a new encrypted protocol dubbed Holepunch, which they claim is designed to ‘unlock global communications, empower freedom of speech, and combat censorship around the world.’”

“To put it in another way, Holepunch, jointly developed by Tether, Bitfinex, and Hypercore, is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that’s designed to help developers build the next generation of data-intensive Web3 apps.”

Keet.io is based on Holepunch https://economymiddleeast.com/news/what-is-holepunch/

Both sites don’t give any information on who’s behind etc.

“The Site is operated by Holepunch Inc., a limited company registered in the British Virgin Islands […]”

“The 3 companies have invested a total of $10M into Holepunch’s development, and are expecting to take on additional companies as interest starts building up.”

The site still says “Mobile (coming soon)”…

tweets about Appstores by Paolo Ardoino

Is Paolo lying here? Could be Google or Apple might ask for a share of in-app payments…

“Although I’ll admit I’m hoping it’s more an issue of ongoing US DoJ investigations into Tether, and the Govt not being too thrilled with the idea of them expanding their reach.”

Small Patatas on Mastodon

Seems, that as usual, the cryptocolonialists are targeting Africa (see FTX…), at least for the launch… even if not having an app on the continent yet will be a serious limit, but they’re probably at the conference to “evangelize” developers, as they all do…