Greatest security Pop-Up…

security pop-up on Binance when checking for Luna
As seen on Binance when trading Luna…

TL;DR: this security was created by a guy who’s wanted by the police now. But if you click this little “I understand” button, you can trade here without problem. It’s YOUR choice, yours only… Do you understand?

PS: If you clicked this “I understand” button, with the intention to continue trading, it clearly means, in fact, you didn’t understand anything at all…

Is Crypto the New Internet?

From the Crypto Policy Symposium 2022

Recorded session of “Is Crypto the New Internet?” with:

  • Rory Cellan Jones – Tech Journalist at BBC
  • David Gerard – Author of ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain’
  • Keith Pritchard – Former Managing Director of IT at JP Morgan Chase