About Web3Now

This site is a collection of tweets, memes, images and links, inspired by Web3 is going just great, created by Molly White, and the Buttcoin subreddit.

It’s a personal site, where I’ll try to collect content found online about the state of Web3 (aka Web 3.0), the good (if any), the bad and the ugly.

The content will reflect my own point of view and opinions on this “cryptofuture” we’re being sold so far… Most of the posts will be in English.

If you’re a cryptobro, a blockchain/cryptocurrencies/AltCoins/Bitcoin proselyte, you probably won’t like (or understand) what you read here. There are so many different websites where you’ll be able to satisfy your everyday needs, that spending time on this one is useless.

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I own no cryptocurrencies or NFTs. I don’t own any stake in any company, working on Web3 or any other technology.
This site is available for free and was not paid for by anyone – I just built it for fun and add content in my free time.
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I’m certified Blockchain & Decentralization for the Information Industries by San Jose State University School of Information.
Been following and researching the blockchain ecosystem since 2014.


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